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Welcome  to the Healthy Eating Active Living Cities Campaign, a partnership of the League of California Cities and the California Center for Public Health Advocacy.

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by adopting a policy to improve physical activity and healthy food opportunities, or adopt a resolution with specific policy goals.

2014 Champions of Health Awards Announced!

  • L. Dennis Michael, Mayor, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Ron Roberts, Supervisor, County of San Diego
  • Sedalia Sanders, Council Member, City of El Centro

Are being recognized for their work that has impacted health disparities, particularly obesity and diabetes in their communities.


Mountain View Highlighted in HEAL City Profile

The City of Mountain View: HEAL City Profile describes the impact of its healthy eating, active living policies on community and workforce health.  The City of Mountain View became the Bay Area’s first HEAL City in October 2009 when its City Council adopted a robust Campaign resolution. It has since reached the FIT City level of achievement by enacting policies in the areas of land use, access to healthy food and worksite wellness. Of note are its General Plan Update and Employee Wellness Program.

Thirteen additional FIT Cities include: Baldwin Park, Burlingame, Cathedral City, El Monte, Hayward, La Mesa, La Quinta, Lompoc, Menlo Park, Pomona, San Clemente, South San Francisco and Windsor. A City Profile will be created for each FIT City and posted on the Campaign website over the next four months.

Please contact us for more information about achieving FIT City status, or about a City Profile.

Land Use

Imagine a city where families can walk or bike an urban trail to a safe, well-maintained public park where they can play and exercise on outdoor fitness equipment. Where our elders can board a bus for the short ride to the city center where they can access many of the necessary amenities. Cities’ planning, zoning, and infrastructure investment can not only have a positive effect on health but can also foster community and keep some of our most vulnerable populations engaged, active and healthy from ages 8 to 80.


Healthy Foods

Access to healthy food is an important tool in obesity prevention. By providing citizens with healthy. affordable, easily accessable alternatives to foods with high caloric content and little nutritional value cities can lead by example in the fight against obesity. Cities have powerful planning, economic development, and public relations tools for attracting and supporting healthy food retailers, farmer's markets and community gardens.


Employee Wellness

Cities can reduce the burden of worker healthcare costs by helping workers overcome obesity and overweight. Activity breaks, nutrtion standards policies for vending machines and city-sponsored meetings, walking groups and lactaction stations are all important strategies to ensuring a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. 

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