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The Healthy Eating Active Living Cities Campaign provides a variety of resources to help elected officials and city staff develop and implement policies in the areas of land use, healthy food and employee wellness.

Fact Sheets

  • Equity
  • Built Environment and Complete Streets
  • Complete Parks
  • Healthy Food Access and Procurement
  • Work Site Wellness
  • General and Comprehensive Plans


  • How Cities Can Support Community Gardens
  • Using the General Plan Update to Address Access to Physical Activity and Healthy Food
  • How Worksite Wellness Can Support Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Nutrition Standards for Beverages and Food Sold and Served in City Facilities, Programs and Events
  • Leading by Example: Nutrition Standards for Food & Beverages
  • Produce and Pocketbooks: How Healthy Food Retail can grow your local Economy and Fight Obesity
  • Healthy Places, Healthy Regions: Areas of Opportunity for Maximizing Health in the Silicon


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