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Get Involved

The first step for a city or town wanting to join the Campaign is to pass a resolution. Municipalities are encouraged to modify their resolution based on current local conditions and feasible political actions for their particular city/town. Become a HEAL City by following the five steps below:

Step 1: Contact the Campaign to discuss opportunities for your city to join

Step 2: Identify existing policies related to: Complete streets, worksite wellness, health elements in general plans and healthy food access.

Step 3: Download the HEAL Resolution and work with the Campaign staff to draft a resolution with specific policy goals. Work with staff to tailor the resolution language to the unique needs of your city.

Step 4: Work with Campaign staff to develop a strategy for bringing the resolution or policy to your city council.

Step 5: Pass your HEAL Cities Resolution or policy.

Once your city has adopted a resolution or policy, you will be added to our HEAL CITIES map of the movement.

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Download Campaign Resolution:

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