General Plan Update


Examples of City Policies


Separate Health Elements

City Description
San Pablo The City of San Pablo’s General Plan Health Element (2011) explicitly links the disciplines of public health and planning. It addresses four areas: healthy transportation and physical activity; healthy food access and equity; access to services and planning for people first; and crime reduction and perceptions of safety.


Integrated Health Language

City Description
Paso Robles Paso Robles' General Plan (2003) includes detailed land use and circulation elements that prioritize walkability, mixed use, and development along a transportation corridor.
Sacramento Sacramento’s vision for its general plan update (2008) is to make the city “the most livable in America.” Several elements emphasize active transportation, and mixed use and transit oriented development.



Planning for Healthy Places has compiled California General Plans:
Healthy Planning Policies: A Compendium from California General Plans.


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